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Jose Luis by ricanrage Jose Luis :iconricanrage:ricanrage 0 0
A Million Things to Say
I have this picture of my dad,
From before he passed.
Sometimes I look at it and cry,
Because I am reminded that he is gone.
Sometimes I look at it and smile,
Because I know he is no longer suffering.
Sometimes I look at it and laugh,
Because of all his bad jokes come to mind.
Sometimes I look at it and shake my head,
Because of all the crazy things he did.
Sometimes I look at it and become angry,
Because I was not ready for him to go.
Sometimes I look at it and wonder,
On how my mom is dealing with it all.
Sometimes I look at it and close my eyes in prayer,
Asking God to tell him I am sorry.
Someone once said "A picture is worth a thousand words",
But I feel that is grossly underestimated.
Because sometimes I look at that picture,
And I have a million things to say.
And in the end all I really can say is,
I miss you pop, all the time.
:iconricanrage:ricanrage 0 0
I Did It
My head is swimming, dizzy from the blood loss
My neck is stiff,
My shoulders grow weaker and weaker,
My arms are tired and weary.
My back is sore, sharp pains shooting up my spine,
My leg muscles burn in agony,
My knees begin to buckle and shake,
My feet ache with every slow step.
My body screams in pain,
My mind cries in anguish,
My soul filled with suffering.
Why am I doing this?
Why did I have to do this?
I did this for you,
I am innocent, I didn’t have to suffer
I did nothing wrong.
I did it not because I had to,
I did this because I wanted to,
I did this because I love you.
:iconricanrage:ricanrage 2 2
From dust HE formed us,
HE stepped down and breathed the breath of life.
HIS voice loud as thunder, yet gentle as a breeze,
Bigger than the universe, yet HE stands by us.
HE made us diverse, like the colors in a rainbow,
Like puzzle pieces HE made parts of the greater whole
Before their was us HE was there,
And after we are gone HE will still be.
From the highest mountain to the lowest valley... HE is there,
A top the corporate ladder or on a street corner... HE is there.
HIS love for us is rock solid but soft enough for us to rest in it
Time passes by but HIS love is forever.
Friends, family… they come, they go but HE is not a son of man,
Unlike man HIS Word is true, HIS promises are kept.
HE is my every breath, my every heartbeat…..
HE is why I am here today.
:iconricanrage:ricanrage 0 2
wowza by ricanrage wowza :iconricanrage:ricanrage 0 2
There With Me
I can climb the highest mountain,
And you’re right there with me.
I can dive into the depths of the oceans,
And you’re right there with me.
I can cross the widest desert,
Yet you are right there with me.
I can journey through the most barren of wastelands
Yet you are right there with me.
.I can run into the most desolate wilderness,
And you’re right there with me.
I can traverse the farthest of lands,
And you’re right there with me.
I can hide myself in a secluded valley.
Yet you are right there with me.
I can explore the darkest cave,
Yet you are right there with me.
I can fly up into the starry skies
And you’re right there with me.
I can walk the darkside of the moon,
And you’re right there with me.
I can blend in with the crowds of people,
Yet you are right there with me.
I can conceal myself from all human eyes,
Yet you are right there with me.
I can travel to the very ends of the earth and beyond,
I can separate myself from all society,
I can lose mys
:iconricanrage:ricanrage 0 2
Hear My Prayer
Oh Lord hear my prayer,
As I bring my friend to You.
Because I don’t know what to say,
I don’t have the words that she needs to hear,
That’s why I’m coming to You,
Since Your words are perfect,
They are words that she will hear,
And know they come from You.
So I present her to You, oh God,
I pray for Your wisdom,
Because I've done all that I know to do,
And I have reached the end of me.
Oh Lord hear my prayer,
Because I know she is in pain.
And it hurts me to see her falling away,
As the past, the present and tomorrow,
Have crashed together and clouded her hope,
And You know where that leads to,
She is becoming a puppet of that world,
Unable to see the strings.
So I give her up to You,
And even thou I care for her deeply Lord,
I know she means so much more to You.
Oh Lord hear my prayer,
As I fall to my knees.
I ask You to be with me,
That maybe this time I'll speak the words of life,
With Your fire in my eyes,
With Your wisdom on my lips,
And Your love in my heart.
:iconricanrage:ricanrage 0 5
DevID At the Office by ricanrage DevID At the Office :iconricanrage:ricanrage 1 0 Hitting a Wall vX by ricanrage Hitting a Wall vX :iconricanrage:ricanrage 0 0 Hitting a Wall by ricanrage Hitting a Wall :iconricanrage:ricanrage 0 2
55 Things That I Try 2 Live By
1. The ends do not justify the means.
2. God chooses leaders not by their abilities but by their faithfulness. He will give the abilities as needed.
3. Forgive yourself and others.
4. Return the things you borrow.
5. Treat the people you meet like you want to be treated.
6. Take lots of pictures.
7. Don’t postpone joy.
8. Never give up on people, miracles happen every day.
9. Surprise loved ones with unexpected gifts.
10. Take responsibility for every area of your life.
11. Live in a way so that when your children think of fairness, integrity and faith, they think of you.
12. Admit your mistakes
13. Hug children after disciplining them.
14. Do nice things for people who will never find out.
15. Read the Bible.
16. Learn to listen; it is then in the quiet that God speaks.
17. Take someone bowling.
18. Pray not for things, but for wisdom, courage and patience.
19. Providing for your family is good, loving them is better.
20. Don’t be cheap in order to leave money for your
:iconricanrage:ricanrage 0 2
The Song Of You
As I wander down this long lonely road,
The night is dark and cold,
My strength goes, my energy fades.
A song enters my mind,
A melody that you bring with your smile
A tune that you share with your eyes,
Lyrics filled with your laughter,
A beat filled by your heart.
The walk becomes much lighter
As your song is upon my lips,
And the rhythm of you fills my soul.
The stars begin to shine,
Lighting my way with the sweet memories of you.
The warm moonlight shines down upon me,
Removing the chill with thoughts of your embrace.
A renewed life comes to me,
And with your song in me,
A smile comes across my face,
Knowing that I am no longer alone.
:iconricanrage:ricanrage 1 0
Sorry by ricanrage Sorry :iconricanrage:ricanrage 3 0
What do I need?
What do I need to worship you oh Lord?
Do I need a stained-glass window?
Do I need a choir of heavenly voices?
Do I need an altar and pew?
Oh Lord what do I need to worship you?
Do I need a message of salvation?
Do I need a teaching of forgiveness?
Do I need a word of encouragement?
What do I need to worship you oh Lord?
Do I need to say the Lord’s Prayer?
Do I need to fast and rip my clothes?
Do I need to fill the collection plate?
Oh Lord do I need any of these things to worship you?
Or will my dark room be enough?
Will the words I read from Your book be plenty?
Are my humble tears sufficient?
All I need to worship You,
Is the breath you give me.
All I need to worship You,
Is to trust in you.
All I need to worship You,
Is to live for you.
All I need to worship You,
Lord, is You,
All I need, is You.
:iconricanrage:ricanrage 2 4
Graphic Novel Jose by ricanrage Graphic Novel Jose :iconricanrage:ricanrage 0 1
When I Was
When I was lost, You showed me the way
When I was hurt, You healed me
When I was depressed, You lifted my spirits
When I was alone, You were by my side
When I was hungry, You fed my soul
When I was down, You picked me up
When I was angry, You calmed my temper
When I was dead, You gave me a new life
When I felt unloved, You loved me
When all my hope was gone, You restored my faith
Oh God when I had nothing, You gave me everything
And in return I give you the only thing I have to give, my life.
:iconricanrage:ricanrage 0 4

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